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The ZBD-04A (ZBD-08) tracked Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle (AIFV), developed independently by China, is the improved model of China's second-generation tracked AIFV after the Type 86 AIFV. ZBD-04A tracked Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle (AIFV) @armyrecognition.com The ZBD-04A uses the crawler chassis and features a 100mm main gun with a 30mm machinegun ZBD-08/WZ502G: Manufacturer: NORINCO - China North Industries Group Corporation - CNGC : Product type: Armoured Vehicles : Name: Infantry fighting vehicle : China is starting to introduce an upgraded Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV), designated WZ502G. Compared to its predecessor, the original WZ502 or ZBD04, it's armor has been increased. The front of the hull and the turret can withstand hits. ZBD-08. Armored Personnel Carrier. ZBD-08. Armored Personnel Carrier. ZBD-08. Armored Personnel Carrie The ZBD-04A (industrial designation WZ502G, sometimes referred to as ZBD-08) is an improved variant that sacrifices amphibious performance for better armor protection; add-on armor can be fitted, and the frontal arc can withstand 30 mm rounds along with side skirts added Zentek Palettenbox - ZBD-08 / -10 Die aufgelisteten Ladungsträger stellen einen Auszug aus dem Produktportfolio der Zentek Pool System GmbH dar. Sollten Sie andere Ladungsträger benötigen, kontaktieren Sie uns

ZBD-08 IFV. Publisher. GHQ. Product Line. Modern Micro Armour - Red China (1:285) Category. Historical Miniatures. Sub-category. Historical Miniatures by Era. Genre. Miniatures - Modern Military - 1:285. Publish Year. 2018. Dimensions. 4.5x5.5x.5 NKG Part # 2148807369. MFG. Part # GHQRC25. Type. Minis Pack. Description . Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required. The Type 08 (Chinese: 08式轮式装甲车族; pinyin: 08 Shì lúnshì zhuāngjiǎchē zú; lit. 'Type 08 wheeled armored vehicle family') is a family of eight-wheeled amphibious, modular armored vehicle developed by Norinco for infantry fire support, battlefield logistics and quick reaction operations. It is a recent People's Republic of China produced Infantry fighting vehicle for People's.

- ZBD - 04 A is a Chinese advanced infantry combat vehicle also known as ZBD - 08 (08 type infant fighting vehicle). - ZBD - 04, which became a mother body, is China 's first unique infantry combat vehicle, but in order to shorten the development period, the turret has been domestically produced and supplied with BMP - 3 technology through Russian technology Design Superficially, the ZBD 09 looked like Mowag's (now BAE systems) Piranha III, with the same broken front beak, added armour plates, same location of the main engine (right hand side), driver (left), commander and gunner (center), and same rear troop compartment arrangement with doors and two pistol ports per side.The inspiration is even more pronounced with the previous Type 07P 8x8. Description The ZBL-08, also known as ZBL-09, is a modern Chinese IFV built on wheels. It is one of the primary vehicles of the Type 08 family of 8x8 vehicles. This family of vehicles is new and is similar to the Stryker and Rooikat AFV families, being used for multiple roles, from anti-tank, inf.. Nov 16, 2016 - The ZBD-04A (ZBD-08) tracked Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle (AIFV), developed independently by China, is the improved model of China's second-generation tracked AIFV after the Type 86 AIFV. ZBD-04A tracked Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle (AIFV) @armyrecognition.com The ZBD-04A uses the crawler chassis and feature

ZBD-08 IFV; Roll over image to zoom in. ZBD-08 IFV. SKU: RC25. AFV IFV Modern China 1:285/6mm Scale. Price: $11.95 / Quantity: Add to cart. Zentek Palettenbox - ZBD-08 / -10; Techniklösungen. Stationäre und mobile RFID-Scanner - ZT-ST / ZT-MO; IOT-Tracker - ZT-2T/ -3T . Sprechen Sie uns gerne jederzeit an, wenn Sie ein Angebot über eine Mehrwegtransportverpackung wünschen, die bisher noch nicht in unserem Portfolio aufgenommen wurde The ZBL-09 Snow Leopard is a Chinese-made armored fighting vehicle. The design is purportedly modular, capable of being fielded in either an IFV or APC variant, and having several different mounted weapons, including howitzers, mortars, machine guns, gatling guns, and cannon. Additionally, they come equipped with medium machine guns and/or HJ-73 anti-tank missiles. There are a number of.

The ZBD-97 or Type 97 is a Chinese Infantry fighting vehicle. It mounts a turret similar in design to that of the Russian BMP-3, although the chassis is different, with a front mounted engine, and rear troop compartment. A further improved version of this vehicle is known as the ZBD-04 infantry fighting vehicle. 1 Overview 2 Design 2.1 Overview 2.2 Armament 2.3 Protection 2.4 Observation and. The ZBD-08 or Type 08 is a Chinese updated and enhanced version of the Soviet or Russian BMP-3. The first production variant, the ZBD-04, entered service in 2004 and improves to ZBD-08 after a couple of years. This new infantry fighting vehicle is produced in large numbers for the Chinese army, and this is weighing between 20 to 25 tons with a capacity of 7 to 13 people. The ZBD-08 has a 30 mm. The ZBD-03 or Type 03 (industrial designation WZ506) is a Chinese airborne infantry fighting vehicle. It features a light-weight chassis and hydropneumatic suspension for airborne operations. Early prototypes received the designation ZLC-2000.23 1 Development 2 Design 3 Variants 4 Operators 5 Gallery 6 See also 7 References The ZBD-03 was designed to replace the BMD-3 and was in service as. 3 ZBD-08; 4 VN11 & VN12; 5 Operators; 6 See also; 7 External links; 8 References; Overview. The ZBD-97, or Type 97, has been in service with the PLA ground forces since 2006, in the armored units of the Guangzhou and Nanjing military regions. Besides the infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) variant, an armored recovery vehicle (ARV) variant is also available. A further improved variant is known as. Die derzeit besten Schützenpanzer der Welt (Bewehrte und laufend modernisierte Schützenpanzer, sowie fortschrittliche Neuentwicklungen

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  2. This is my first post on the entirety of the forums, so apologies ahead of time for formatting and other mistakes. I was surprised to see that this vehicle has not been suggested prior, and took it upon myself to spread the word. This IFV is very similar to the Soviet BMP-3, and I feel it would b..
  3. ZBD-08 (mã sản xuất công nghiệp WZ502G) là phiên bản sửa đổi từ nguyên mẫu xe chiến đấu bộ binh (IFV) ZBD-04, chính thức ra mắt năm 2007 và đi vào phục vụ từ năm 2008 để thay thế vai trò của Type 86 IFV (phiên bản BMP-1) trong Quân đội Trung Quốc.. Cải tiến đáng kể nhất của ZBD-08 là vỏ giáp được tăng cường.
  4. Do you also have a ZBD 04A and a ZBD 08 ? They are cool, too ;) Reply Good karma Bad karma +1 vote. Ghost32 Jul 3 2020. Thank you.great work. Do you have a Taiwan tank? Modernized M60 pattob i guess. Reply Good karma Bad karma +1 vote. cataly63 Sep 30 2020. Chinese team fan thank you, one more time Reply Good karma Bad karma +1 vote. cataly63 Oct 5 2020. heu! any chance to have hud for.
  5. This pack contains five ZBD-08 Amphibious Tracked IFV vehicles. The ZBC-08 has had its armour improved significantly at the cost of much of its amphibious capability. Additional Information. Date from: 1945: Date to: Present: Useful Links. About Us; FAQs; Painting Guide; Trade Show Pre-Ordering; Delivery; Terms & Conditions; Scale Guide ; How To Find Us; Contact us. t: 01725 510110 e: info.

Chinese ZBD-08/502 Tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) 0 Armoured Vehicle, Army, China. Long lineup of ZBD-08/502 Tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) being transported by rail. Share to: Next Newer Post Previous Older Post. Post a Comment. ZBD-08 with 30mm Gun - RC27. $11.95. Quick view Add to Cart. Boxer IFV - N597. $11.95. Quick view Add to Cart. AFT-10 ATGM - RC26. $11.95. Quick view Add to Cart. Type 96B Tank - RC24. $11.95. Quick view Add to Cart. Red Chinese Individual Infantry - RC18. $11.95. Quick view Add to Cart. T-90MS Tagil - W119.

The ZBD-08 infantry fighting vehicle has a welded steel armor hull. Baseline armor is thicker and presumably offers better protection. Add-on modular armor can be fitted for a higher level of protection. It is claimed that front arc withstands 30 mm armor-piercing rounds. Sides withstand 14.5 mm rounds. Turret roof and rear end provide protection from 7.62 mm armor-piercing rounds. Side skirts. The differences between the 04 and the 04A seems to be: The ZBD-04A (industrial designation WZ502G, sometimes referred to as ZBD-08) is an improved variant that sacrifices amphibious performance for better armor protection; add-on armor can be fitted, and the frontal arc can withstand 30 mm rounds along with side skirts added. Although the vehicle is still amphibious, able to propel itself by. Der ursprüngliche Marder hatte auch nur eine 20-mm-MK, hat trotzdem ausgereicht. Klar, die NATO entwickelt stark gepanzerte Schützen- und Transportpanzer, aber Russland und China haben da andere taktische Anforderungen. Bumerang, Kurganets oder auch Chinas ZBD-08 und VN12 sind nicht auf ein vergleichbares Niveau gepanzert ZBD-08 IFV; Prev Next. Roll over image to zoom in. ZBD-08 IFV. SKU: RC25. AFV IFV Modern China 1:285/6mm Scale. Price: $11.95 / Quantity: Add to cart Description. Unpainted 1/285th Scale Micro Armour® Unpainted castings shown until we can post the painted model. Infantry fighting vehicle. Per pack: 5. Product Attributes. Equipment Type: AFV; Equipment Type: IFV; Era: Modern; Country/Region. ZBD-08 GHQ Model Airborne Armored Vehicle I've totally spaced on the ID of this H&R model... Reconnaissance Vehicles: Engineering Vehicles: Artillery and Air Defense: T-34 Anti-Aircraft Vehicle A marginal model from a British maker, don't know which one Another Version, by a different manufactuer PZG95 A really cool anti-aircraft vehicle from GHQ: Miscellaneous Vehicles: ZDF-89 SP ATGM on the.

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what you call ZBD-08 isactually called ZBD-04A(yeah,it's kind of upgrade edition of ZBD-04) what's more , there is no ZTZ-99A2 ,there are just ZTZ-99 and ZTZ-99A(the latter one is what you call ZTZ-99A2) T. the corner New Member. Jul 28, 2014 #82 by78 said: Several variants of ZBD-08 on the same rail cart (engineering, command, and IFV), along with a 99a2 MBT. This is pretty much the latest. The missile launcher is mounted on the chassis of the ZBD-08 infantry fighting vehicle. One launcher has eight weapons ready to launch missiles. The missile was launched from a container. Sponsor Advertisement. The vehicle is operated by 3 attendants, including the commander, driver and operator. This anti-tank missile carrier is likely to be powered by BF8M1015CP diesel with a power of 590 hp. Externally it resembles a ZBD-08 IFV, that is widely used by the China's army. However it is a different design. The VN12 is relatively simple in design and technology. The VN12 has a welded steel armor hull and turret. Most likely that the base armor provides protection against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters. Modular add-on armor kit can be fitted for a higher level of. View zbd08's profile on Domestika, the largest community for creative professionals online

If you post political rants or attempt to point out misdeeds or missteps by the Chinese government then I will remove the post. This faction mod is all about giving players a choice in how to setup their games Die Volksbefreiungsarmee (VBA) zeigte ihren Typ-99-Kampfpanzer sowie den Schützenpanzer ZBD-08, Kampfhubschrauber WZ-9 und WZ-19, Hubschrauber Mi-171 und die Jagdbomber JH-7A. Russlands Präsident Wladimir Putin begrüßt während der Parade chinesische Soldaten. Die Übungen, die am Dienstag begannen, waren die größten ihrer Art in der modernen russischen Geschichte und beteiligten fast. ODIN - OE Data Integration Networ NOTICE TO USERS. Warranty: Forecast International makes no guarantees as to the veracity or accuracy of the information provided. It warrants only that the information, which has been obtained from multiple sources, has been researched and screened to the best of the ability of our staff within the limited time constraints

RC25 ZBD-08 IFV. Sold Out £9.25 GBP. Notify me when this product is available: Unpainted 1/285th Scale Micro Armour® Infantry fighting vehicle. Per Pack: 5. View full product details . RC26 AFT-10 ATGM. £9.25 GBP. Quick Shop RC26 AFT-10 ATGM. £9.25 GBP . Unpainted 1/285th Scale Micro Armour® Per Pack: 5. View full product details . 1 item left Quantity. Add to Cart. RC27 ZBL-08 IFV w/30mm. The ZBD-08 is a new Chinese infantry fighting vehicle. Its industrial designation is the WZ502G. It is a revised and improved version of the previous ZBD-04, which is already in service with the PLA. The new improved vehicle appeared in 2007. It seems that the ZBD-08 IFV, together with its numerous variants, is being produced in large numbers for the Chinese army. It is replaces the Type 86. ╔═════ ° •° °• °═════╗ Table of contents ╚═════ ° •° °• °═════╝ i. Basics i.i Introductio

zbd 08; 97; 08; 86; 04a; bmp 1; wz 502; Write a comment. Your comment * Post comment. This product has no reviews yet. China ZBD-04 Infantry fighting vehicle. $129.00. All prices are exclusive of VAT. Save with CGTrader Credits. Offer price. Send your price offer to the author if you want to buy it at lower price. Royalty Free License . Products under Royalty Free License can be used without. APC: ZBD-08 Mobile anti air: PGZ-07 Tanks Type-59D, ZTZ-96, ZTZ-99A Artillery: PLZ 05, PHL 03 SRBM: DF 11 (DONG FENG 11 Missile) Defenses: Tank Bunker, Infantry Bunker, HQ 9 (S300 variant), HQ 17 (TOR-M1) Generals Skills & Strategic Aircraft: Hong 6K . 4. EU (temporary): Aircrafts: Fighters: Eurofighter Typhoon, F-35 Bombers: Rafale Ground attack aircraft: Tornado Attack Helicopters.

Die Volksbefreiungsarmee (VBA) zeigte ihren Typ-99-Kampfpanzer sowie den Schützenpanzer ZBD-08, Kampfhubschrauber WZ-9 und WZ-19, Hubschrauber Mi-171 und die Jagdbomber JH-7A. 1 2 > Zur Startseite. Diesen Artikel Drucken 丨 Merken 丨 Senden 丨 Feedback. Mehr zum Thema . Quelle: german.china.org.cn Schlagworte: China,Russland,Übungen,Sibirien,Panzer. অথবা, ZBD-08. ZBD-04 A Or, ZBD-08. Translated. Defence Discussion Platform. September 25 at 9:16 PM · BMP-3. Defence Discussion Platform. September 24 at 11:38 PM · Hunter Armoured Fighting Vehicle. Defence Discussion Platform. September 24 at 7:25 PM · MOWAG PIRANHA V SWISS. MOWAG PIRANHA V SWISS . Translated. Defence Discussion Platform. September 23 at 9:51 PM · IAI Lavi. The People's Republic of China (PRC) also offers the PLZ-05A, based on the ZBD-08 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV). Finland In December 2010, Patria Hägglunds received a contract to produce 18 AMOS systems integrated on Patria 8x8 AMV chassis for the Finnish Army. Four pre-production vehicles were used for evaluation which were later brought to the full production standard, including a. China continues to upgrade and refine it's ZBD-08 Amphibious Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Note. The United States Missile Marine Corps might be done with armor, but the Chinese Marines aren't! They continue to upgrade and refine their steel beast. What happens if they add a capable APS? When that happens the anti-tank missiles they're counting on won't be enough. Another new 8x8 PRC IFV making. 1 Overview 2 Variants 2.1 Prototypes 2.2 Derivatives 2.3 Export The PTL-97 100mm Wheeled Assault Gun is a Chinese prototype armoured car developed in the 1990s

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PLA's ZBD-04A/ZBD-08 Tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicle at mountain training rang ZBD-08 ZBL-09 ZBD2000 IFV ZLC2000 IFV EIFV Fahd 280-30 AMX-10P VBCI VBCI-2 Lazika Boxer IFV Lynx Marder Puma IFV Wiesel 1 Wiesel 2 BMP-2 Sarath Kestrel VBA SuperAV VBM Freccia VCC-80 Dardo Type 89 IFV YPR-765 Al-Hamza Anders IFV KTO Rosomak MLI-84M BMD-1 BMD-2 BMD-3 BMD-4 BMD-4M BMP-1 BMP-2 BMP-3 BMP-3M BMP-3 Dragun Kurganets-25 T-15 Armata IFV Al-Fahd Lazar Bionix AFV Terrex 2 iKlwa APC. - ZBD-04, ZBD-08, AFT-11 - ZBD-03 IMPROVED: Optimization of scripts for MP; editor spawning IMPROVED: Type-22 engine sound conditions IMPROVED: ZUBR engine sound conditions IMPROVED: A-A Missile speeds all set to Real World published data NEW: Faction selections for camo-specific editor groups for PLA-Desert, PLA-Navy, PLA-AF, PLA-Rocket Forces NEW: QLU-11 Heavy Grenadier unit for all factions. ZBD-08: US$1.50 mln: ZBL-09: US$2.25 mln: ZBD2000 IFV: US$2.50 mln: ZLC2000 IFV: US$2.25 mln Artillery Cost; AH-4: US$3.00 mln: PLL-01: US$1.25 mln: Type 59 howitzer: US$0.75 mln: Type 60 Field Gun: US$0.60 mln: Type 66 howitzer: US$0.60 mln: Type 83 howitzer: US$0.75 mln: Type 86 howitzer: US$1.00 mln: Type 89 howitzer: US$1.20 mln AA Cost; PGZ-07: US$3.00 mln: Type 59 (57mm) US$1.25 mln. ZBD-08: US$5.5m: ZBL-09: US$6.25m: ZBD2000 Airborne IFV: US$6.5m: ZLC2000 Airborne IFV: US$7.25m Artillery Artillery Cost; PLZ-09 155mm SP Howitzer: $4.5m: PLZ-07: 122mm SP Howitzer: AH-4 Lightweight Towed 155mm: US$3m: PLL-01 155mm Towed Howitzer: US$1.25m: Type 59 howitzer: US$750k: Type 60 Field Gun: US$600k: Type 66 howitzer: US$600k: Type 83 howitzer: US$750k: Type 86 howitzer: US$1m.

Mech Inf Plt (ZBD-08 [AT-10 Stabber] IFV x 4) -- China (Army), 2014 Mech Inf Sec (LVTP-7 Amtrack IFV x 3) -- Argentina (Marines), -Armoured Personel Carrier) Motor Rifle Plt (BTR-152 APC x 4) -- Generic (Army), 1950, Widely Exported Motor Rifle Plt (BTR-60PB APC x 3) -- Soviet Union [-1991] (Red Army), 1966-1991, Widely Exported Motor Rifle Plt (BTR-60PB APC x 4) -- Generic (Army), 1966. Edited by zbd, 08 August 2010 - 12:32 AM. Back to top #3 goom goom. Topic Starter; Members 25 posts OFFLINE Local time: 11:28 PM; Posted 08 August 2010 - 12:32 AM. there weren't any, i waited a. Mech Inf Plt (ZBD-08 [AT-10 Stabber] IFV x 4) 2014; Mech Inf Plt (ZBL-09 Snow Leopard [HJ-73C] IFV x 4) 2010, VN-1; Radar (Bar Lock A [P-37]) Radar (Big Bird C [64N6]) 1996, SA-20; Radar (Big Bird D [91N6]) 2017, SA-21; Radar (China CLC-2) 1995, Type 95 SPAAG; Radar (China HN-401R

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This new version of the ZBD-08/AFT-10 combination is now at the expo centre in Zhuhai for the forthcoming Airshow China 2016 event (starting November 1), which will be an aerospace event in name only and will play host to the complete range of land-based weapons developed by various military-industrial entities of China. Judging by external looks, especially the camouglage paint patterns, all. Just an FYI....ONCE the new version of VME is corrected and stable I will be updating and using the newest version. However there are some significant issues that I have to check out to make sure the new version is working correctly A dog owner from Pennsylvania posted an anguished message on Facebook this week. Today an eagle carried off Zoey, Monica Newhard wrote.Zoey, a seven-year-old bichon frise, had been playing. Most Danish units now updated, except for their logistics units. In fact, no logistics units updated for anyone, yet. While repeatedly typing 'DAN' to filter to Danish units in the unitselector and wondering why I wasn't typing DEN, it occurred to me that in english, the D a nes come from D e nmark while the Fr e nch come from Fr a nce. I wonder if that's a quirk of the native languages or.

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China's People's Liberation Army deployed its Type-99 main battle tank, the ZBD-08 infantry-fighting vehicle, the WZ-9 and WZ-19 attack helicopters, Mi-171 helicopters and the JH-7A fighter. Хятадууд 1990-ээд оноос Зөвлөлтийн армийн хуягт машин БМП-3 машиныг хуулбарлан хийсэн шинэ төрлийн хуягт машин zbd-04 , хөвөгч буюу газар усанд явагч wz-502 , зузаан хуягтай сайжруулсан zbd-08.

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P-17A Class Stealth Frigate INS Sahyadri (F49) carries one OtoMelara 76 mm Super Rapid Gun Mount (SRGM)which can engage ground and aerial targets from a distance of 15-20 km, eight Russian Klub Anti-ship cruise missiles and eight VLS launched BrahMos anti-ship cruise missiles The Norinco Type 62 (Chinese: 62式; pinyin: Liù'èr shì) is a Chinese light tank developed in the early 1960s and is based on the Chinese Type 59 with a reduced main gun calibre, lighter armour and a smaller suite of electronics and other equipment to help reduce weight. The Type 62 is retired from the Chinese People's Liberation Army Ground Forces, but is still in use with other nations Edited by zbd, 08 July 2007 - 09:37 AM. Back to top; Back to Windows XP Home and Professional · Next Unread Topic → 0 user(s) are reading this topic. 0 members, 0 guests, 0 anonymous users.

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ZBD ( 08:34) Zafarabad Jn. 56 min. KSF ( 09:30) Khalispur. M T W T F S S. location_on. No class available for this train . 54266. Sultanpur Varanasi Passenger (UnReserved) ZBD ( 20:37) Zafarabad Jn. 35 min. KSF ( 21:12) Khalispur. M T W T F S S. airline_seat_recline_extra. location_on. Book Tickets . 54334. Lucknow Varanasi Passenger (Via Faizabad) (UnReserved) ZBD ( 18:45) Zafarabad Jn. 37. HJ-10 AFT-10 Anti-Tank ZBD-08 WZ502G ATGW [camo] Request a Downloads Account. AFT-10.CN.desert. SISO Category. Armored Fighting Vehicles. SISO Enumeration. Country CHINA. Provenance. Chinese. Aliases Tags & Keywords: HJ-10 AFT-10 Anti-Tank ZBD-08 WZ502G ATGW [camo] Request a Downloads Account. AFT-10.CN.green . SISO Category. Armored Fighting Vehicles. SISO Enumeration.

美媒:中国批量装备新式步兵战车 改进自89式_新闻_腾讯网
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